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  • Contact Me if You Want To Search Multiple Areas or Specific Subdivisions. 

Saving You Time and Money Is What I Am Paid To Do for My Clients!  

I Provide My Clients with a Due-Diligence Checklist, to Guide Them in Discovering Important Information About the Property They Are Considering Purchasing, In Addition to Recommending Professional Lenders, Inspectors, Surveyors, Attorneys and Other Real Estate Service Providers Who Will Assist Them in Their Real Estate Transaction.

(This Link Takes You to the Site Where Properties Are Available "in Real Time" -- if an Agent Added a Listing 15 Minutes Ago - You'll Find It Here, But Not on Sites Like Zillow, Trulia, Etc., Where It Can Take 24-48 Hours to Link -- Which Is Why Often You Find Homes There Still Showing as "Available" That Have Already Gone Under Contract or Been Sold.)

I Will Not Spam You or Put You on Any Automated Mailing, Except for Property Searches That You Want Updates On.  I Will Not Call You Unless You Request It.  I Believe in Doing Unto Others As I Would Have Them Do Unto Me!

I Would Welcome A Phone Call From You, If You Are Having Any Difficulty Using My Sites, or Want Me to Assist You in Setting Up a Search That Only Returns Very Specific Information (Such As Property for Sale in Certain Neighborhoods or Subdivisions You Prefer.)  Call My Cell Phone at 850-686-9919 and Leave Me A Message.  Please Be Sure to Leave the Best Callback Time and The Time Zone You Are In!  (I am in the Central Standard Time Zone in the Northwest Florida Panhandle!)

  • I've Found A Property I'm Interested In - How Do I Know If It's In a "Good Neighborhood"?  

By Law , Realtors Cannot Comment on What Is Considered a "Good Neighborhood".  Don't Ask Us; We Won't Tell You!  Each Individual Must Determine That For Themselves.  Everyone Is Different, and A Place Where One Person Is Comfortable Living and Working Might Not Be A Place That Another Finds Appealing. (More On Federal Fair Housing Law Here)

The Best Ways for Determining What Neighborhood Is Best For You Include:

Driving Through The Neighborhood -- During the Weekdays, Evenings and Weekends.

Talking to The Neighbors -- Find Out Why They Like Living There.  Most Folks Are Friendly and Willing to Share. :)

Checking Out The Address on Google Maps or Google Earth to Get A Street View. (These Are Not Always Up to Date, Though -- That Vacant Lot Next to The Home You Are Considering May Have Had A New Home Built Since Google Drove By! I've also found VERY Old and Outdated Photos/Information "Out There On The Web" at When "Googling" The Address of Property. So Keep That in Mind.   If You Are Moving Here Sight Unseen, Try to Have a Friend or Family Member in The Area Drive It For You.)  

Looking Up The Property Address at These Web Sites for Local Information To Meet Your Needs:

Escambia County School District Website

Santa Rosa County School District Website 

Law Enforcement Websites -- Current Crime Statistics and Information on Offenders in the Area. 

Easy Home Improvement Tips

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